libertine2000's Journal

22 December
I have alot of interests!
abba, about a boy, aerosmith, am dram, andrew lloyd webber, annie lennox, arcade fire, ash, babyshambles, blondie, bon jovi, buffy, cameron macintosh, carl barat, carsan, charlotte hatherley, coheed and cambria, dancing, david bowie, dior, dirty pretty things, disturbed, do me bad things, dogma, editors, el presidente, er, eric clapton, eurythmics, evanescence, foo's, from hell, gibsons, gigging, glitter, harry potter, him, idina menzel, internet, interpol, interview with the vampire, ipod, james blunt, jeff buckley, jewellery, jimmy eat world, joaquin phoenix, johnny depp, josh groban, joss stone, juicy water, julian casablancas, kate hudson, kate moss, kate winslet, korn, kt tunstall, labyrinth, lord of the rings, louis xiv, love actually, luby, lés misérables, madonna, make up, martini, meatloaf, medicine, metallica, modest mouse, morrisey, movies, muse, music, nail polish, negative, neuroscience, nightwish, nip/tuck, perfume, phantom of the opera, pimp my ride, placebo, pop idol, quills, razorlight, rod stewart, rope lights, scrubs, sex in the city, shaun of the dead, shoes, shopping, sleepy hollow, slipknot, snow patrol, socks, starlight express, stephen schwartz, system of a down, teachers, the beatles, the buzzcocks, the calling, the clash, the cure, the delays, the go! team, the killers, the libertines, the mummy, the offspring, the osmonds, the ramones, the rasmus, the sex pistols, the smiths, the strokes, the white stripes, the x-files, theatre, velvet revolver, viva la bam, wicked, x-men